Steps of a Repair

Easy Steps of a Repair

After an accident, one of the first steps you need to make is getting a repair estimate. It can seem overwhelming at first and you might imagine expensive repairs, but that's not the case with Deer Park Auto Body.

Get Your Car Repaired in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Estimate: The first step is to contact us for a FREE estimate. Our auto body experts will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to determine what is wrong with your car or truck and give you a professional cost estimate. (There could be hidden damage that might not be seen until the car is disassembled in step three.)
  2. Insurance approval: Repairs and cost must be approved by the insurance company. They will review the FREE estimate you received from us and negotiate the price and procedures outlined in your estimate. Avoid the headaches of dealing with insurance companies and let us handle it for you. We'll send the paperwork to your insurance agency, so your vehicle can begin its physical repairs.
  3. Disassembly: To begin the repair process, your car is disassembled. Disassembly can often allow hidden damages to be found. Extra damages could require scheduling an insurance re-inspection.
  4. Order parts: After insurance approval and disassembling your vehicle, we'll order the necessary parts to fix your damage. Total replacement of damaged parts can't begin until we have all of the parts in to ensure the quality repair of your vehicle.
  5. Structure repair: Your ordered parts are installed and fit to your vehicle. Your vehicle is hooked up to a computerized measuring system that analyzes the frame, ensuring the safety of your vehicle and quality of our work.
  6. Body repair: After repairing the structure, the body of your vehicle is touched up and it will begin to look a little more like what you’re used to. We then replace and align the exterior panels and metal finishing.
  7. Paint: One of the most important steps to getting your car looking brand new again is repainting it. Our computerized paint mixing system ensures your car is getting an exact matching color with our eco-friendly, aqua based paint. Our paint experts take extra care painting, priming, and sealing so that the final top color and clear coats are applied perfectly for the best shine.
  8. Reassembly: After your car is painted, primed, and sealed, the final moldings and detail pieces are reinstalled onto the vehicle. We'll also check your vehicle's systems to make sure every issue has been resolved and your car is operating normally again.
  9. Detailing: Once your car is returned to its original condition, our detailing experts will go over it from the inside-out. Your interior and exterior will both be cleaned, including upholstery cleaning and waxing. We'll go through a final inspection to make sure your car is in perfect condition and restored to its original condition.
  10. Completion: The last step is for you to get your car back and take the wheel! We'll go over the repairs one more time and discuss your bill and finalize the paperwork. After the agreed-upon payment is satisfied, you'll drive off with your like-new vehicle!
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